3 Cheap DIY Home Updates Buyers LOVE!

Amanda Fallon
Amanda Fallon
Published on February 13, 2018

It’s a fact that how your home looks from the curb will either repel or compel buyers. So, once you’ve got that out of the way, what else entices home shoppers to decide to make an offer on a home?

It’s a combination of things, really. But, overall, emotions rule the day. Appeal to someone’s emotions and they may just return the love.

Let’s take a look at some cheap DIY home updates you can handle that will ensure that once those buyers step foot in your home, they won’t want to leave.

1. What happens when a buyer opens the front door?

When the buyer’s agent unlocks the front door and his or her clients step through, what do they see? Hopefully, it’s an entryway – something that allows a transition from the outdoors to the living spaces.

If your home lacks such a feature, create one! Depending on the size of the area, this could mean merely adding a rug or runner or placing a console table, bench, or other piece of furniture in the area to define it. An entryway is one of the easiest cheap DIY home updates that buyers love. You can find some gorgeous ideas for entryways at architectureartdesigns.com and design ideas for small spaces at PotteryBarn.com.

2. Those little extras

Another one of the simplest cheap DIY home updates is just updating your hardware and bling! Door knobs, cabinet pulls, faucets and even peel & stick backsplash may not seem like a big deal, but they all go into making a room feel put together. Update them and you’ll have buyers loving what they see.

And the bonus is that these fixes are inexpensive. Sure, you can spend a couple hundred dollars on a new faucet, but you don’t need to. Home improvement stores carry many attractive models, in a variety of finishes, for less than $100.

Then, coordinate that finish with new cabinetry hardware to pull the room together. These can be as inexpensive as a few dollars each and are guaranteed to delight buyers.

Read my blog Sell Your Home With Kitchen Staging! for additional tips on getting your kitchen ready to sell!

3. The Bathroom

Many home-sellers just haven’t gotten the message that bathrooms are second in importance to kitchens in the minds of home-buyers.

Look at listings of homes for sale and you’ll find photos of bathrooms full of kids’ toys, toiletries covering the countertops, ratty shower curtains, stained toilets and dirty bathtubs.

The best way to tackle a nasty bathroom is to remove everything visible. This means chucking all those toiletries, the blow dryer and curling iron, towels, rugs and shower curtain into a box and removing them from the bathroom.

You can get started in the bathroom with your cheap DIY home updates by replacing the shower curtain and picking up some coordinating rugs and towels. Neatly store the toiletries and appliances out of sight. “Neatly” is the operative word because homebuyers do take a peek into drawers and cupboards to get an idea of how much storage a room has.

Then, follow the above advice about replacing the hardware on the cupboards and drawers and purchasing a new faucet for the sink. If the tub is visible through the door or curtain, consider buying a matching faucet and showerhead as well.

If you’re pretty handy and feeling a little more brave, watch this Blogger vs. Builder Grade Bath video to get some ideas on some other cheap DIY home updates you can do to improve the appeal of your bathrooms:

One trick that pleases buyers is to replace that sheet mirror with something more decorative. Or, create a frame for the monstrosity. Visit my Pinterest Board Beautiful Bathrooms for some inspiration.

Getting homebuyers to fall in love with your home is the best way to get the most money you can for it! Appeal to their emotions by freshening up the most popular rooms. You don’t have to spend a lot by doing some or all of these cheap DIY home updates!

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